Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forced Family Photo

And... we're back.  Hopefully for good.  My New Year's (plus 1 month) resolution is to update at least weekly for the 5 people that read this so here we go! 

For the second time this year, Drew was asked to bring in a family photo for a school project.  For the first one, we had to dig deep into the archives and came up with a picture that we took when the Super Bowl was in Indy..... pathetic right?  We have pictures of each of us with the boys but none of the whole family together.... 

So, since I was too embarrassed by this to send a picture of us when Will was a baby, I decided we needed to take a picture....  so here you go.... The boys both got haircuts the next day so all that shaggy hair is gone (ohh... a reason for another blog post :-)  

Justan had set the tripod up in order to use the timer for the full family picture.  Afterwards we let the boys play photographer for a little while.    Will captured this beauty of Drew, who is always good for a giant smile and laugh for the camera.

Here's hoping there is more excitement to come on these pages....  Happy New Year :-)  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Poppy's Spring Visit

Soon after Will's birthday, Poppy came out for a visit.   We didn't even have any jobs for him to do this year (okay, there was one, but he never got around to it) so he had extra time for playing.   The highlights were definitely flying a kite and visiting the zoo.. 

Waiting at the airport for Poppy's plane.  Will thought we were waiting for Oma... maybe next time!  

Teaching the boys how to hold the kite....  

Pure joy when the kite launches 100 feet in the air!  

Will was trying to swim with the sharks at the zoo...  He was very excited about every animal that we saw... 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Will turns 2!

in April... Hey.. I'm catching up!  Hard to believe he is already two.  He is a firecracker for sure!  Loves anything that Drew is doing, being active (indoors and outdoors), coloring, music and being generally LOUD. 

 A little pre-birthday egg coloring with Drew, KK, Sydney and Grandpa.. It was a very serious business and we definitely did not have enough eggs for him to color!

 Will's Bucky cake.  Bucky is the ship from Jake and the Neverland Pirates (which is his favorite show).   I was just excited that when he saw it he said "Bucky" instead of just "boat"!  Birthday cake success :-) 

 "Smiling" with his cake pre-candles.  At least he has learned the concept of "hot" this year and did not attempt to touch the flames like on his first birthday! 

 The Jake doll from Nana and Grandpa was a big hit... He sleeps with it every night! 

A little birthday catch with Drew to test out his new ball and glove from cousin Irelynn. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Will!  We love you!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spring visit to Ancramdale

Our visit was actually in March, but given the weather, I'm calling it a spring visit.  Definitely no sledding this trip!  

Prepping for the airplane flight by learning how to wear headphones to watch a movie (Will) and share the iPad (Will & Drew)...

Throwing rocks in the pond... Favorite Ancramdale activity, weather permitting.  Every day they got Poppy to help them fill up that wheel barrel with rocks from a pile hiding in the woods and would empty it out in record time by throwing them into the pond.... Both boys apparently have pretty good arms!

Brotherly love!

The boys love Uncle Pat and Aunt Mari!

So excited to spend the night at Uncle Pat and Aunt Mari's house!  His first night without either Mommy or Daddy!  He had a great time and was apparently a good sleeper.  I did warn them about a potentially early wake up in the morning! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Drew turns 4!

Drew turned 4 in February... better late than never right?  I am still having a hard time figuring out where the last 4 (and almost a half!) years have gone...

 We started out with a celebration at preschool.  Will and I got to spend the whole class time with Drew and see how he spends a typical day.  He was quite excited to have us there and loved on his brother like I have never seen!   Each child gets to be the 'superstar' on their birthday as well which is pretty exciting all by itself!  We snacked on homemade oatmeal creme pies and Drew even got to blow out some candles! 

After much indecision, Drew finally settled on a Lightning McQueen cake for his birthday about two days before his party (thanks Drew for giving me lots of prep time!)  
Drew and the cake...His "cheese face" is going through a rough period!

Failed attempt at a cousins photo opp... At least on our camera... Will is not the best at posing for pictures! 

 Lots of gifts to open and even being a good brother and letting Will help (a little). 

Happy Birthday Drew!  We love you!